Child Care Job Postings

Child Care Job Postings:
Below are jobs posted for our provider partners with a School Readiness or VPK contract. The ELC of Duval is not involved with the hiring or policies for these positions.

For jobs available at ELC of Duval, CLICK HERE.

Are You Ready to Work in Child Care?
According to federal regulations, all program personnel and volunteers must complete pre-service training coursework within 90 days of initial employment with any provider participating in the School Readiness program.  For further information please read the Preservice Training Requirements and Modules Flyer.
Center: Beach UMC Early Learning Center
Position: Assistant Teacher, Floater, VPK Substitute
Degree/Certificate: DCF 45 Hours, Staff Credential Preferred, VPK Substitute must have FCCPC or CDA and VPK classes
Contact: Morgan Hargrove
Contact Information: 904-249-0124 or
Date Added: 9/7/2021
Center: Kingdom Kids Preschool

Lead Teacher for VPK and Lead Teacher for 3-Year-Old Classroom on MWF


Teacher for VPK must have DCF 45 Hours, VPK classes, 2 years of VPK  experience, and staff credential.  Teacher for 3-year-old class must have HS degree or equivalent, DCF 45 Hours

Contact: Kim Nelson
Contact Information: or 904-494-1234
Date Added: 8/31/2021
Center: Promise Land Preschool
Position: Toddler Teacher
Degree/Certification(s): DCF 45 Hours, CPR, First Aid
Contact: Maxine Williams
Contact Information: 904-288-9700 or
Date Added: 8/17/2021
Center: Palms Preschool and Child Care Center
Positions: Lead VPK Teacher and Assistant Teachers
Degree/Certification(s): DCF 45 Hours preferred
Contact: Pam Titlow
Contact Information:
Date Added: 7/13/2021
Center: Lighthouse Christian Preschool
Positions: Lead Teacher and Assistant Teachers
Degree/Certification(s): DCF Hours, CPR & FA, CDA preferred, willing to train
Contact: Nancy Masten
Contact Information: or 904-372-4754
Date Added: 7/13/2021
Center: Happy Acres Ranch Preschool
Positions: Assistant Director, VPK-certified Teacher, Teacher for one-year-old class, Floater
Education/Certification: HS Diploma, GED, DCF 45 Hours, FCCPC, CDA, Staff Credential
Contact: Julie Nelson
Contact Information:
Date Added: 7/7/2021
Center: Little Fountains of Light Learning Center
Positions: Full-time Lead Teachers:  VPK, 3 year-old, and 2-year-old classroms.  Part-time floaters
Education/Certification: HS/DCF 45 Hours/Staff Credential
Contact Name: Jessica Boulos
Contact Information:
Date Added: 6/23/2021
Center: The Learning Tree Preschool Center
Positions: Kitchen Staff/Cook, PT Substitute Teacher, FT Toddler Teacher, Infant Asst. Teacher, VPK Teacher, PT Resource Coordinator, Administrative Assistant
Education: HS Diploma (GED), DCF 45 Hours preferred, CDA, Level 2 Background, CPR, and First Aid
Contact: Cezelene Powell
Contact Information: 904-737-8842
Date Added: 6/8/2021
UNF Preschool
Lead Child Development Teacher and Assistant Child Development Teacher
Lead requirements include bachelor's degree, DCF 45 hours.  
Assistant Teacher requirements include HS diploma, CDA, DCF 45 hours.
Jayne De La Rosa
Contact Information:
904-620-2372 or
Date Added:
Murray Hill Baptist Child Care
2 PT Teachers for 2-year-old and 3-year-old classes
DCF 45 Hours, First Aid and CPR, Background and Drug Screening
Gina Jiminez
Contact Information:
904-384-1830 or
Date Added:
Center: Rosewood Academy Bartram Park
Positions: Infant Teacher and 2-year-old-Teacher
Education/Certification: DCF 45 Hours
Contact: Jodi NeSmith
Contact Information:
Date Added: 5/12/2021
Center: St. Paul UMC Preschool
Positions: Infant/Toddler Teacher, 2-year-old Teacher Assistant, 3-year-old Teacher Assistant
Education/Certification: HS Diploma (GED), DCF 45 Hours, CDA, Level 2 Background, CPR & First Aid
Contact: Dayessi Morales
Contact Information: 904-428-2910
Date Added: 5/11/2021
Center: Brown Bear Learning Center
Positions: FT and PT Teachers – Infant through VPK
Education/Certification: Preferred DCF 45 Hours or willing to obtain within 90 days 
Contact: Sarra Brown
Contact Information: 904-486-8406 or
Date Added: 5/11/2021
Center: Parsons Little Scholars
Positions: Three-Year-Old Teacher and Kitchen Chef
Education/Certification: CDA for Three-Year-Old Classroom Teacher if possible or will train
Contact: Susan Davis
Contact Information: 904-744-3221 or
Dated Added: 5/9/2021
Center: Unique Academy of Excellence, LLC
Positions: FT Teachers for Infant through 4-year-old Classrooms, Cook/Floater
Education/Certification: DCF 45 Hours (all positions), HS Diploma/GED (all positions), CDA (required for Infant/Teacher); CPR & First Aid (preferred/willing to obtain first 30 days), Background Screening
Contact: Lisa Brown, Office Manager
Contact Information: 904-766-6004 or
Date Added: 5/4/2021
Center: Lutheran Services Florida Children and Head Start
Positions: Program Aid, Teacher Assistant, Teacher I, Teacher II
Education/Certification: For complete job descriptions go to
Contact: Catherine Penton-Gooch
Contact Information: 
Date Added: 5/4/2021
Center: Lutheran Services Florida Children and Head Start
Position: Health Coordinator
Education/Certification: Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in health education, child health or health-related field.  Training or course work in early childhood health, including oral health and/or mental health and children with special needs a plus.
Contact: Wilma Case-Starks
Contact Information:
Date Added: 5/4/2021
Joshua Christian Academy
FT and PT Teachers – Infant through VPK
Preferred DCF 45 Hours
Soarve' O'Neal
Contact Information:
904-388-2227 or soarve.o'
Date Added:
Center: St. John the Divine Early Learning Center
Positions: FT and PT Teachers – Infant through VPK
Education: Preferred DCF 45 Hours
Contact: Lauren Lee
Contact Information: 904-396-5384 or
Date Added: 4/13/2021
Center: Palms Preschool & Child Care Center
Positions: FT VPK Lead Teacher and FT Assistant Teacher
Education: Preferred DCF 45 Hours
Contact: Pam Titlow
Contact Information: 904-247-0983 or
Date Added: 3/31/2021
Center: Christ Methodist Kindergarten
Position: Substitute Teacher
Education/Certification: DCF 45 Hours, CDA a plus
Contact: Laura Cote or Lindsey Smedley
Contact Information: 904-249-1550
Date Added: 3/31/2021
Center: Ft. Caroline Baptist Academy, Inc.
Positions: Assistant Director, Lead VPK Teacher, Lead Two Teacher, General Assistant/Floater
Education/Certification: Associate or Bachelor's Degree, HS Diploma with DCF 45 Hours, CDA, CDAE or FCCPC
Contact: Evelynn Livingston
Contact Information: or 904-642-3210
Date Added: 3/26/2021
Center: St. Stephen Child Care and Learning Center
Positions: Teachers for Toddler One, Toddler Two, and Prek 3 classes
Education/Certification: Must have HS Diploma or GED, DCF 45 training hours, CDA  preferred
Contact Name: Tara Anthony, Director
Contact Information: 904-358-2799
Date Added: 3/26/2021
Center: Joyce Wright LFCCH
Position: FT Infant/Toddler Teacher
Education/Certification: DCF 45 Hours, CDA (Infant/Toddler or Birth to 5), or willing to obtain CDA
Contact Name: Joyce Wright
Contact Information: 904-713-9023 or
Date Added: 3/25/2021
Center: Calvary Christian Jr. Academy
Position: FT Lead Teacher in the 2-year-old classroom, FT Floater
Education/Certification: DCF 45 Hours, CDA a plus
Contact: Elyse Clark or Meagan Banks
Contact Information: 904-928-1069
Date Added: 3/23/2021
Melrose Preschool
Teachers, teacher assistants, and office assistant
Preschool experience, DCF 45 Hours. CPR/First Aid is helpful.
Patti Moody or Amanda Mattsson
Contact Information:
Date Added:
Center: Achievable Dreams Learning Academy
Position: FT Teacher for Toddler 1/Toddler 2 Classrooms
Education/Certification: DCF 45 Hours, CDA (Infant/Toddler or Birth to Five) CPR/First Aid, Backgroud Screening)
Contact: Ms. Johnson, Owner
Contact Information: 904-586-2870 or
Date Added: 3/12/2021
Center: (A.L.E.C.) Academy of Learning & Early Care
Position: FT Teacher for Infant/Toddler Classroom
Education/Certification Needed: DCF 45-Hours, CDA (Infant/Toddler or Birth to Five), CPR/First Aid, Background Screening
Contact: LaTonya Richardson
Contact Information: 904-766-5858 or
Date Added: 3/1/2021
Center: LaCore Christian Academy
Position: Pre-K2 Class (2-year-olds), Pre-K4 Assist and Floater
Education/Certifications: 45 DCF Hours, CDA Preferred
Contact: Mrs. Williams
Contact Information: 904-566-0571 or
Date Added: 2/25/2021
Center: University Christian School
Position: Teacher Asst. for the 2-year-old class
Education/Certification: Preferred 45 hours completed
Contact: Lisa McManus
Contact Information: or 904-737-6330
Date Added: 2/18/2021
Center: Young Legends
Position: Infant/Toddler Teacher
Education/Certification: HS diploma (GED), DCF 45 Hours, CDA, Level 2 Background, CPR & First Aid
Contact: Mrs. Maddox
Contact Information: 904-503-1699
Date Added: 2/12/2021
Center: Wesley Child Development Center
Positions: Afternoon/Closer Two-Year-Old Classroom and Toddler Classroom (2)
Education/Certification: DCF Required Training, Cleared Level 2 Background Check, and Experience
Contact: Vicky Price
Contact Information: 904-751-5324 or
Date Added: 2/3/2021


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To post a job on our child care community job site, please send an email to with "Provider Job Posting" in the subject line.

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