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Encourage Learning Before Birth

vertical_bar Early Learning Begins in the Womb:

Babies Learn Language

  • Studies show during the last 10-weeks of pregnancy, babies are listening to their mothers' talk.  CLICK HERE to read one article that explores how a mother's conversation impacts their unborn baby's language development. 
  • Research also shows that the 5 senses begin to build during pregnancy. THIS ARTICLE discusses how a mother's pre-natal care can affect this development.



vertical_bar Science of Early Learning:

It used to be that "Early Learning" began when a child started school. Now, research determines this to be false. Instead, the crucial learning time is said to be between pregnancy and 5-years-old. CLICK HERE to learn about other misconceptions, as well as other principles of early learning.

vertical_bar Important Resource:


Science in Seconds: A Short Discussion of "Nature" and "Nurture"

Episode 1 of PBS’s The Secret Life Of The Brain

Annie Murphy Paul on How Babies Learn Before Birth

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