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Become a Guiding Stars of Duval Provider

Become a Guiding Stars of Duval Provider

The Guiding Stars of Duval (GSOD) is a quality rating and improvement system for child care providers in Duval County. It has served as a model program for measuring quality since 2005. Child care centers and family child care homes that volunteer to participate in this program:

  • Commit to holding themselves to higher standards in early learning and child care
  • Engage in ongoing professional development
  • Commit to a path of continuous quality improvement
  • Pledge to ensure all children in their care are safe, healthy, and happy

Eligibility Requirements

Any provider wishing to participate in GSOD 5.0 must have and maintain a current school readiness contract and meet all of the following requirements:

  • Must be licensed for at least one year
  • Must not be on a Quality Improvement Plan
  • Must not be on probationary status with the ELC of Duval during the previous 12 months
  • Must not have a DCF Class I violation resulting in severe injury

The Benefits

Director Support

Director support from ELC of Duval or early childhood partner agency on program assessment, which may include:

  • Professional development trainings
  • myTeachstone subscription for the center or family child care home
  • Technical assistance support from the ELC of Duval or other agency staff (when appropriate and necessary)

Financial Incentives

  • May be eligible for wage incentives
  • Payment differential determined by the Florida Division of Early Learning
  • Quality enhancement incentives, which could include stipends for provider material up to $500.

Center Recognition

  • ELC of Duval website
  • Social media
  • Listing in parent newsletter twice a year

The Star Rating Process

  • Attend a GSOD interest meeting held in late spring
  • Submit the GSOD application by June 30 and meet all eligibility criteria
  • Program Assessments/CLASS will be completed between September and May
  • Submit all GSOD worksheets and supporting documents in May
  • Receive your star rating in June
  • For individuals eligible for the GSOD Wage Incentive, checks will be issued in July

Become a GSOD Provider

Contact Katy Droubie, Director of Program Quality and Support, at or call 904-859-2651.

For a list of current GSOD providers, click here.

Wage Incentive Requirements

Participating GSOD directors and teachers may be eligible to receive a wage incentive. To qualify, the child care center or family child care home:

  • Must be star rated by June 2025
  • Must be in good standing with DCF and have a current license or have a valid accreditation certificate by May 31, 2025
  • Must have a current school readiness contract

Wage Incentive Letter – Eligibility Requirements for 2023 – 2025

Questions? Please contact

GSOD Tutorials and Resources

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