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Network with Other Providers

Network with other providers

Child care and early learning providers should network to strengthen business connections, get fresh ideas, build peer support, and gain confidence. Below are professional networking organizations for Duval providers.

Florida Family Child Care Home Association

The mission of Florida Family Child Care Home (FFCCHA) is to represent a united voice on behalf of all children, to promote and encourage quality professional family child care through education, legislation, advocacy, mentoring, caring and love.

Myrna Wright
Chapter Representative
Duval County, Area 7

Duval Early Learning Directors Network (DELDN)


The mission of the Duval Early Learning Director’s Network (DELDN) is to support early learning providers and directors through networking, advocating, training, and sharing best practices.

Advisory Council Members

Carla Whiteside

Leadership Committee

Contact Waheedah Thomas at to request more information. Be sure to follow DELDN on Facebook

Legislative Updates

November, 2021 – Florida Statute (1002.57(1), F.S.)

Recent legislative changes to section (s.) 1002.55, Florida Statutes (F.S.) and s. 1002.63, F.S. provide all VPK instructors, including those holding a valid Florida educator certificate, opportunities to increase skills for emergent literacy instruction with young children.

All VPK instructors must complete three 5-hour emergent literacy courses, an increase from the previous requirements of one emergent literacy course. After completing the first three emergent literacy courses, VPK instructors must complete one emergent literacy course every five years.

May, 2021 – Highlights of HB 419: Early Learning
and Early Grade Success include:

Prioritizes Florida’s youngest learners and VPK programs by strengthening the accountability system and utilizing coordinated screening and progress monitoring programs to identify emergent literacy and mathematics skill deficiencies to provide those students intensive, personalized interventions.

Establishes a timeline for phasing in a new VPK accountability system based on performance metrics that include student outcomes, learning gains, and observations of child-teacher interactions.

Allows districts to use the research-based reading allocation to fund intensive interventions for VPK students who are identified with a substantial reading deficiency.

May, 2021 – Highlights of HB 7011: Student Literacy include:

Implementing a VPK-grade 8 progress monitoring system by 2022-2023 to swiftly provide personalized interventions for students struggling in reading, math and other subjects.

Monitoring the impact of interventions so additional support can be provided to keep students on track and growing at grade level.

Creating the Reading Achievement Initiative for Scholastic Excellence Program (RAISE), a coordinated system of statewide literacy support through regional literacy expert teams available to all districts and teachers.

Requiring the Department of Education to identify instructional materials that implement evidence-based practices.

Recruiting rising high school juniors and seniors to serve as tutors using evidence-based summer literacy programs for K-grade 3 students in high need schools to help readers gain reading skills.

Requiring all teachers in front of students with reading deficiencies earn a reading endorsement to their educator certification. This will provide teachers with the tools they need to transform a student’s educational outcomes.

Engaging parents of struggling readers on their student’s progress and the effectiveness of interventions, and sharing information on school choice options and all possible accommodations for students with special abilities and needs.

Highlights of House Bill 1091

During the 2018 Legislative Session, the Florida Legislature passed House Bill 1091, which increases quality and accountability in the School Readiness Program. The Division of Early Learning is leading the implementation of this legislation in partnership with local early learning coalitions.

The program assessment tool to be used is the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS). The CLASS assessment is recognized internationally for capturing the elements within a classroom that improve child outcomes. This assessment primarily measures the quality of classroom interactions between teachers and children. Many child care programs have already experienced this through Florida’s Early Learning Performance Funding Project (ELPFP) and other quality programs.

Careers at the ELC of Duval

Careers in the child care industry

Live Scan

The ELC of Duval is an approved Live Scan vendor for DCF screenings. We do not appear on the Clearinghouse appointment page because we only scan SR and VPK contracted providers. Live Scan is available by appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Please contact Ana Jim to schedule an appointment at 904-208-2044, ext. 250 or email


  • $65 – cash, credit card, or money order
  • Driver’s License or picture ID
  • OCA # with name and address of center


Request for Proposals

No proposals are available at this time.

Coalition Vendors

The individual or business who wish to provide services to the ELC of Duval should contact Any vendor accepting a purchase order from the ELC of Duval agrees to the Terms and Conditions and Assurances.

Solicitation Information

Please contact if you have any procurement or solicitation questions.

Florida Department of Education Travel Manual

For a complete copy of the Florida Department of Education Travel Manual

The ELC of Duval is a one-stop resource for information about early learning in Jacksonville and Duval County. If you are interested in having an ELC of Duval representative speak or distribute early learning information at your event please call Kim Randolph at 904-208-2044, ext. 209 or email .

Become an Early Learning Advocate and Partner

Early learning begins at birth. Ninety percent of brain growth occurs before the age of five. The gap between children with broad exposure to educational experiences at an early age and children who do not have those opportunities appears as early as 18 months. Individuals or organizations interested in becoming an early learning advocate or partner are encouraged to contact Tinesha Byrd at 904-208-2044, ext. 208 or email .

Read From Birth

Young children whose families read them five books a day enter kindergarten, having heard about 1.4 million more words than children who have not experienced daily reading. Individuals or organizations interested in donating new children’s books are encouraged to contact Charlene Gross at 904-208-2044, ext. 240 or email .

Grow Up Great Children’s Closet

The ELC of Duval is proud to partner with PNC Bank and the Diaper Bank of Northeast Florida to provide new clothing and diapers for families with children birth to five. To donate to the Clothing Closet, please contact Ana Jim at 904-208-2044, ext. 250 or email

To report the misuse of funds, please contact the ELC of Duval’s fraud hotline at 904-208-2040, ext. 287. The compliance team will review your complaint and investigate it or refer it to the appropriate agency.

Complaints about providers may be submitted through DCF.

To report known or suspected child abuse call 1-800-962-2873 or click here to go to the DCF Abuse Hotline site

The President and CEO will ensure compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Section 1107 and Section 1513 of the Title 18 USC that makes it illegal for the Coalition to punish whistleblowers or retaliate against any Coalition employee who reports suspected cases of fraud or abuse. Coalition employees shall follow the linked policy to report all suspicions of fraud or abuse.

It is illegal for any Coalition’s board member or managing staff to punish whistleblowers or retaliate again any Coalition’s employees who report suspected cases of fraud or abuse (SOX, Section 1107, Section 1513 of Title 18, USC.)

It is a crime for any Coalition’s board member or managing staff or any staff to direct any Coalition’s employee to alter, cover up, falsify, or destroy any document that may be relevant to an official investigation (SOX, Section 1102, section 1512 of Title 18, USC).

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